When you use “,” personal information about you and your family will be protected by Mirchibada (from now on, “Mirchibada” or “The Company”) and/or its affiliates. We want our services to keep our users safe and sound. Uniform practises for collecting, using, sharing, storing, retaining, getting rid of, accessing, transferring, or otherwise processing this information help Mirchibada handle Personal Information in a fair and appropriate way, only sharing and/or transferring it when it’s necessary. This Privacy policy tells you how we’ll use any personal information you give us on “”

This Privacy policy explains what we do with your personal information that we get from “” Before you use or give any personal information, please read this Privacy policy. This policy will be changed if the way information is collected, the activities done, or the rules that apply change. When you go to, you should read the Privacy policy to make sure you understand how any personal information you give will be used.

Please note that the privacy rules in this policy only apply to “” If you link to other websites, please read their privacy policies, which may be very different.



When you visit, Mirchibada gets information about you, processes it, and keeps it. You may choose to give us information, such as your email address, company information, street address, phone number, or other information, to access protected information on “” or so we can follow up with you after your visit. Some types of personal information include, but are not limited to:

i. Your name
ii. Email addresses
iii. Telephone numbers
Country, City, and State (iv)

Mirchibada remembers your information so that it can give you the best experience possible. A person must give their email address as part of their “Personal Information” when they sign up (sign-up). After this registration, Mirchibada will be able to access your account every time you visit the Website as long as you are logged in as a user. Before making their first purchase, customers also have to give personal information like their phone number, email address, billing address, and shipping address.

Once you sign up for Mirchibada and sign in to the services, Mirchibada can automatically get information from your browser, such as your IP address, cookie information, and the page you asked for. This information is stored on our server logs. Mirchibada may use contractors and service providers from outside the company to handle your data and/or get in touch with you for the reasons you chose. Contracts require these contractors and service providers to protect your information the same way we do. Mirchibada only uses the information you give them for the reasons you tell them to.

2.2 How we use the info you give us

We may use any of the information you give us in one of the following ways:

i. To make the experience better for potential customers: Your information helps us respond to your requests and questions more effectively, which makes the application easier to use.

ii. To send you emails from time to time: If you give us your permission, we may use the information you give us to contact you through e-mails, text messages, and phone calls to tell you about our products or services and/or for marketing and promotional purposes.

iii. Choose content, improve quality, and make it easier to use the other channels: Mirchibada may use your Personal Information to help create and personalise content on our Channels and make it easier for you to use the Channels (for example, to facilitate navigation and the login process, avoid duplicate data entry, enhance security, improve quality, track campaign and survey responsiveness and evaluate page response rates.)

iv. Get services from third parties: We also share Personal Information and Other Information with third parties, affiliates, and subsidiaries that help Mirchibada with website management, customer service, email delivery, auditing, and other similar services. When Mirchibada shares Personal Information with affiliates/subsidiaries, third-party service providers, or other third parties, we make sure that they only use your Personal Information and Other Information to help us and in ways that are consistent with this policy.


Mirchibada will collect Personal Information that is adequate, relevant, and necessary, and it will use that information in a fair and legal way for the reason it was collected. The reason for collecting the data will be made clear at the time of collection or whenever the reason for collection changes.


Mirchibada does not share, sell, rent, or trade personal information collected through “” with third parties for their own marketing purposes or as otherwise described in this Privacy Policy. Mirchibada may share information with third-party service providers who are hired to do work on our behalf. This is done to make sure you get the services and benefits related to your job and for other business reasons. These third-party service providers can only use the information we give them in the ways that Mirchibada asks and tells them to.

i. Mirchibada may share your Personal Information in the following ways, which we think are necessary or appropriate:

a) according to the law, even if it’s not the law where you live;

b) to follow the rules of the law;

c) to respond to requests from public and government authorities, even those outside the country where you live, for reasons of national security and/or law enforcement;

d) to make sure our rules are followed; and

e) to give us a chance to use the legal options we have or to limit the harm we might suffer.

ii. We may also give the Personal Information we have collected to a third party in the event of a reorganisation, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer, or other type of disposal of all or part of our business, assets, or stock, such as in the case of bankruptcy or similar proceedings.

iii.We may share information with government agencies or other businesses that help us stop fraud or find out what happened. We may do so when:

a) permitted or required by law; or,

b) trying to protect against or stop actual or possible fraud or unauthorised transactions; or,

c) Looking into fraud that has already happened. The information is not given to these businesses so they can market themselves.

If Mirchibada goes through a business change like a merger, acquisition by another company, or sale of all or part of its assets, your personal information collected through our website(s) may be one of the assets that are transferred. If the person who owns or controls your personal information changes, a notice will be posted on our website(s) for 30 days.

We link to business alliance companies, Mirchibada dealers, and other third-party sites to improve your Web experience and show you products you might be interested in. When you click on one of these links, you will leave our website and go to the website of the company or organisation you chose. Since Mirchibada does not run these sites (even if there is a link between one of our sites and a third-party site), you should read their Privacy policies. Before giving out any Customer Identifiable Information on a site that is linked to ours, you should check that site’s Privacy policy. Mirchibada doesn’t take any responsibility or liability for how these other people act.

Amazon Web Services, which we’ll call “AWS” from now on, helps us with the Cloud Services for our website, For more information, please read AWS’s privacy policy at


When doing business, working on Company projects, or putting in place new processes or systems, it may be necessary for an operation to send personal information to other entities or third parties that are located outside of the country where the operation does business. Some examples of legal ways to transfer data are: i. a data transfer agreement with the party who will access or get the personal information; ii. notice to and/or approval from a country’s local data protection authority; or iii. notice to and/or consent from the person whose data is to be transferred.


5.1 Consent

Consent is often described as a person’s choice to “opt-in” or “opt-out” of the Company’s use of their personal information. It is usually given by a “check box” or signature that says the person understands and agrees to the processing of their personal information. Depending on what is being done with the information, the person may need to give written permission. Mirchibada gets permission from people before:

i.collecting, using, or processing their personal information, including sensitive personal information, in certain ways, or sharing the person’s personal information with any third party;

ii. sending the person’s personal information outside of the country where the person lives.

iii. Using or putting web cookies on a person’s computer or other device.

5.2 What you can do with your information

You can ask to review, correct, update, remove, or change any of your Personal Information that you have already given us through “” You can also object to how we use or process any Personal Information that you have given us. If you have questions about how to get access to or change your Personal Information, please contact us using the information in Section 11 “Privacy Contact Information” of this policy.

In your request, please be clear about what Personal Information you want changed, if you want the Personal Information you have given us to be removed from our database, or if you want us to use the Personal Information you have given us in a certain way that you don’t like.

Most questions and problems about access can be dealt with quickly, but more complicated requests may take more time and research. In these situations, problems will be fixed or you will be contacted about the nature of the problem and the next steps that should be taken within 30 days.


Your information from “” may be sent to other databases and stored on Mirchibada’s systems or those of other suppliers. Mirchibada makes sure that the right security controls are in place when it stores data on its own systems or those of its suppliers.

Your personal information is kept in a safe place. This information is only available to authorised employees, business partners, affiliates/subsidiaries, clients, vendors, and other third parties who have agreed to keep information safe and private. Through legally binding terms and conditions, Mirchibada makes sure that our supplier uses security measures that are standard in the industry to protect information. Users of “,” on the other hand, are responsible for keeping any password, user ID, or other form of authentication safe that is needed to get into password-protected or secure areas of any Workday website. Only authorised users can get into and use the password-protected and/or secure parts of Getting into these areas without permission is against the law and could lead to criminal charges.

Cookies are used

Like many other sites, when you visit ours and fill out a registration form, we’ll put a “cookie” on your computer. This lets us find you faster when you come back. We won’t use “cookies” or other tools to track where you click on the Internet in general, but we will use them and other tools to find out which pages or information you find most useful or interesting on our own Web sites.

Most browsers let you say no to a “cookie” that a website gives you. If you don’t want to accept a “cookie,” you won’t be blocked from any part of the website. However, your transactions on this website may take longer because you’ll have to re-enter basic information needed to complete a transaction.

If you choose to stop getting emails or be forgotten, the cookies will be turned off. Visit our cookie policy to learn more about cookies and how they are used.

Mirchibada Personal information should only be kept for as long as it takes to achieve the stated goals, and then it should be thrown away. We’ll keep your information for as long as your account is active or as long as it’s needed to give you services. If you don’t want us to use your information to help you anymore, you can get in touch with us using the information in section 11 of this Privacy policy. We’ll get back to you about your request within 30 days of getting it. We may, however, keep and use your information as needed to meet our legal obligations, settle disputes, and make sure we stick to the terms of our agreements.

You can stop us from collecting and using your personal information by letting us know through our contact page. For users under the age of 16, permission should come from the person in charge of the child.

Please keep in mind that we won’t be able to give you the services listed in section 2.2 of this policy if you don’t give us your consent or if you change your mind about giving it to us at any time.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Statement or need to update, change, or remove information, you can call us at +91 9876543210 or send a regular email to

We may change this Privacy Policy at any time without telling you first. By staying subscribed to our Services, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions that are in place at that time. We recommend that you check this page from time to time to see if anything has changed.